Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to find your path in life

Something interesting happened yesterday that made me think of Celestine Prophecy again and again. I remember reading that finding your path is easy - the path you need to tak will always look more beautiful and brighter in order to attract your attention. So yesterday I got a text message from a friend how she went on a date that turned out pretty bad - she hated the guy and didn't want to be there, but then she went to the bathroom to wash her hands and there was another girl in the bathroom wearing a very interesting skirt. My friend immediately because drawn to the skirt and, being rather extraverted person, she complimented the girl on a forementioned skirt. they got to talking and turned out the girl is into some sort of meditation and she invited my friend to attend this class. I recall my friend saying to me "I would never have spoken to her if I didn't like that skirt so much". So I told her about that chapter of Celestine prophecy and suggested that she should read it. Well, the same day she ordered all the books from the series and got started on Celestine Prophecy right away and got through first two chapters before going to bed. I am excitedly waiting to hear back from her about her further experiences.

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