Friday, March 9, 2012

The story of one angel

I wanted to post this small story about this angel statue I had. My husband brought it from somewhere and it was just standing on a window sill for about a year, in our ld never really blended in and was clearly out of place. For some reason it never occured to us to give it away and when we bought a condo, we took it with us. There, it being out of place has become more aparent than ever, yet, we still kept it. Finally, after the total of 2 years i have decided to give it away to a better home. So I have this friend in Ireland who has a beautiful daughter named Angelina. My friend collects angels because of the connection to her daughter's name and she asked myself and few others, residing in different countries to send her an angel figurine from each country. Interestingly it happened two days after I have decided the little angel figurine needed a new home. i didn't realize it at first and started thinking of what type of angel to send. Unfortunatelly, (or fortunatelly?) in the states we have an abundance of angel figurines and it would be nearly impossible for me to make a choice. Than I realized I already had an angel figurine. So that's how the angel made it to Ireland. I know there is a reason behind everything that happens so i am very curious as to why the angel figurine was supposed to end up in ireland in my friend's collection.